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Conferences and Talks

Conference Presentation of "Silent Invasion"
Ana G. Mendez University
Central Florida, USA (2019)

Raul Alberto Diaz Universidad Ana G Mendez
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Presentation Silent Invasion Book Exhibition International Dominican-Hispanic Book Fair
Orlando, USA. 2019 

Raul Alberto Diaz y Mayra La Paz Feria Internacional del libro.jpg
Raul Alberto Diaz y Luisa Gonzalez Feria del Libro

Charla en "Orlando Gathering", USA  (2019)

Raul Alberto Diaz Tertulia de Orlando

Video in English 
Invasion in the Shadows

Lecture At John Hopkins University, Nucleus of Bologna, Italy (2019)
Presentation Exhibition of the Silent Invasion Book.

Raul Alberto Diaz Charla en John Hopkins University.png

Video in Spanish 
Silent Invasion

Presentation Exhibition of the book Silent Invasion at the Chaikhana Cultural Center, Bologna Italy (2019)

Raul AlbertoDiaz Presentacion de Invasion Silenciosa en Italia

“TALKING CLEAR” ABOUT VENEZUELA: Past,  present and future
of a country adrift.

Teramo,Italy  (2018)

Raul Alberto Diaz Hablando claro por Venezuela en Italia.png

Fighting for VENEZUELA:

A necessary aid. 

Alba Adriatica, Italy  (2018)

ali onlus.jpg

Conference: Audiovisual Media as a development tool Miami USA (1999)

conferencia medios audiovisuales.png
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