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Rebellion against what is wrong, differentiates the leaders of the pack.


In this article we will try to determine the course that a barge called society is taking, in the midst of enormous turbulence that is slowly making it sober.

We must begin by describing a key piece of this equation and that is that we are talking about politicians. A career politician to understand it better, is formed through academic preparation, and subsequent training in practice. While a politician by trade learns the ins and outs of politics directly in practice, with the friction that years give and an appropriate level of charisma.

However, there is a third type of politician and the facts have shown, almost unequivocally, that this type of politician called outsourcing (third type), develops better management in important positions within the politics of a nation, and it is that these days This statement is more than ever in evidence.

Now to analyze what type of politician offers a better service to his country, we must enter "deep" waters to unravel the functioning of a country, when speaking in terms of globalization, or relations with international markets.

Undoubtedly the perfect reference is at this time the United States of America.

We must recognize that the world is interconnected and guided, to use a decent term; by power groups that control everything. We do not say practically everything, because it would be incorrect. "They control everything", so attending to this precision is extremely important to understand the gears of power.

We are talking about Financial Groups or Private and Central Banks, Food Producer Groups, Vehicle Manufacturers, Communication Media, Technological Groups, even Groups that control "Mass Stream Media" and Social Networks, but mainly we are talking about Laboratories that create medical products, which have recently made a difference.

And it is that to beat around the bush these days would be absurd after having lived since 2020, all the intricacies of a society in decline, in every way, facts that have slowly made us see reality.

What is exposed in this article is so true, that the Negative Primates of real history in our days are found in Film productions on the order of the day, in different parts of the world, presenting the facts from all angles to let us know where they are going. come on.


We will try to define what the political class means. This represents for society, what for the human body is the "Microbiota", even when we know that this ecosystem is represented by bacteria and other biological elements, it is necessary for the balance of our organism.

In the same way, politicians are necessary to fulfill the functions that should always favor society, but in practice it is absolutely the opposite.

What we are currently seeing in the United States or El Salvador, for example, is the result of what happens when a political outsourcing breaks into the political life of a country, which does not belong to the Establishment and is not willing to be manipulated by the power groups mentioned at the beginning of this article.

This phenomenon occurs when far from that, the politician decides to be the link that tips the balance in favor of a given society.

The world is changing, and the trend continues to show that international organizations, such as the United Nations or the European Union, are going to transform or unfortunately they are going to disappear. These organs as they are known today are useless, sterile.

The European Union, for example, only has one path and that is to take a step forward, as the former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced at the time, who spoke of turning the EU into a Federated Government, eliminating the unanimity requirement that has prevailed in the organization, when it comes to making decisions.

In the case of the United Nations, a renewal would be of little use, when the bases must be completely updated, especially with regard to the expansion of the Security Council, which remains static as in the days of its creation, almost 80 years ago, despite having almost quadrupled the number of members in the organization.

It is interesting to know that the United States and El Salvador, from now on, will serve to calibrate where we are going as a society and how many possibilities we will have as a world population, compared to the Control Groups that dictate guidelines according to their own interests.

Raúl Alberto Diaz

Journalist Writer

MicroMaster American Government

Global Diplomacy Course

Geopolitics of Europe Course

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