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This is the best news that has been released lately. A true lesson for the "Managers of the world".

Indian farmers achieve record harvests WITHOUT USING GMOs!!!!!

A total green revolution, without pesticides, GMOs or chemicals, came true two seasons ago and was achieved by Kumar, a young farmer from the Nalanda district of Bihar who is considered one of the poorest in India.

He did it using only farm manure and without any herbicides. The unbelievable happened and he harvested 22.4 hectares of rice on a single hectare of land. This is a record never seen in the production of this staple food for half of the world's population. In addition, other farmers in the area are getting large crops of organically grown wheat and potatoes.

The amount of rice obtained by Kumar surpassed the record of 19.4 tons achieved by the so-called "father of rice," Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping, by World Bank-funded scientists at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. , and managed to surpass any other achieved by large producers in Europe and America. But it was not only the young Sumant Kumar, his friends Krishna, Nitish, Sanjay and Bijay, in Darveshpura, also got 17 tons, and many other residents in the surrounding villages claimed to have gotten more than twice the usual harvest. . This happened two seasons ago and has not yet been overcome.

But what was Kumar's secret to achieving such a harvest? I use old practices, one of them called SRI (System of Rice Intensification) developed by Enrique de Laulanié, a French Jesuit priest and agronomist in the mid-1980s in Madagascar that is currently being studied and disseminated by Cornell University.

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