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Updated: Aug 30, 2022

In essence, the United Nations should be more than what it is. They should have fulfilled more transcendental objectives, even when some goals have been achieved.

However, and beyond this aspect. The United Nations today has become a stagnant apparatus, which needs to be completely restructured.

Defenders will emerge from both sides to describe facts such as the contributions made at the level of humanitarian aid, or the ceasefire achieved in Syria, or the work to face famine in different parts of the world. In the same way, there will be those who will say that those objectives achieved are an accessory, compared to what in 70 years an organization that devours a high budget and that is made up of more than 50,000 operators between the organization and the different agencies that it's made of.

That is the reality of the history of the United Nations. What if it is a necessary organism. Yes, it is, more than that, it is a very important organization, but one that has been underutilized so far, seeing it from an operational point of view, and taking into account what it was created for.

However, and in this aspect it must be precise, and it is that the United Nations as an organization today is stagnant, because as the world has evolved and the number of members has increased, for elementary reasons as a result of decolonization, for others one of the most important achievements of the entity, "The Institution is still in the power of the only 5 permanent members of the Security Council", and this fact logically leads to the vision of global organization development, being seen from a single optic.

From the moment that Italy opposed the expansion of permanent members in 1996, when in fact the inclusion of Germany and Japan was proposed for being the losers of the Second World War, from that moment the setback began, since the The organization had the possibility of accepting Italy's refusal, to move forward and also offer the entry of this country, if it is that they were losers of the war, Italy was also one of the defeated.

As a conclusion, from a personal point of view, today the United Nations needs to be restructured, as it has been raised on different occasions, since if this "rhythm" of medium action continues, each day it will be less effective in the work for which it was founded.

It is fearful on the part of the writer to express distrust in this forum, in relation to institutions without external audit, but unfortunately as a Venezuelan I must state that experience and facts show that while an institution at the service of society, maximum if it is worldwide, it is not presented as transparent through the mechanisms established for this purpose, it will leave a negative image, even if it has fulfilled a task for which it was created, at least 50 percent.

Lic. Raul Alberto Diaz

Journalist Writer

Project belonging to the course of

Global Diplomacy

at the University of London

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