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Possible doping case in Beijing2022 has taken on a glowing yellow color

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The issue of the doping of the Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, about whom some media have illuminated the top headlines of their publications, has turned incandescent yellow with the presumed positive for a heart drug, whose substance would have been detected in the month of December .

However, both the Russian and Chinese authorities have maintained secrecy in this regard, seeking to make a decision adjusted to the truth and in accordance with the standards established by international organizations regarding doping.

So far nothing has been said about any positive of Miss Valieva, of any anti-doping test carried out on the

athlete in the present, that is to say so far in 2022.

Therefore, it will be the relevant authorities that will determine if the retroactive character, on the suspicion of a positive last year, will have repercussions in the current Olympic Tournament.

The current historical moment presents political and military conjunctures, which could influence the current winter Olympic tournament, for which the authorities of the international Olympic committee invite the media to maintain respect for the presumed innocence, until proven innocence. contrary, in this and in any other case that may arise in the development of the current sports competition.


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