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JFK's heir nephew has a strange combination of academic preparation, political career and lineage.

Finally, some good thing is happening inside the Democratic Party in the United States, all of which images are found destroyed by the scandals that have recently been burning mundial history in the light.

Robert Kennedy jumps to the ballot and has signed up to opt for the candidacy for the presidency of the United States, for the democratic party, a man who has been worried about a wing of the partisan grouping that sees good eyes at the current reelection Chief Executive Officer Joe Biden.

Without embargoing the inquiries and the reality that the North American nation lives, they believe that if the democrats have some option to win the vote of the electorate, this is with a different face and this is the sobrino of the historian John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

As a tip of the spear Robert Kennedy records his owner with a legitimate fight history in relation to the protection of the environment, launching to the market more than 10 books related to this theme.

Since 1999 he has been the founder and leader of the environmental organization Waterkeeper Alliance, of which he is currently his president, he has promoted him to his work for society.

Robert Kennedy is an extraneous mix of Politician with academic preparation, Politician with experience and rock popular y Politico Outsourcing, from the ideological point of view, preserving the American values and the autonomy of the action of which adolescent the mayorship of the politicians of office and cqrrera en la actualidad.

The path to earning the candidacy will be very difficult, knowing that it currently occurs at a deep level in the politics of the United States, but without a doubt it is the best option for a nation that finds itself under ideological attack.

Raul Alberto Diaz

Journalist Writer

Gob Micro Mastery. American Harvard University

Diplomacy Global London University

Geopolitics of Europa Sciences Po du Paris

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