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The Geopolitics of Europe is about to give the change expected by many experts. Beyond what the media shows, there is an exhausted and agitated society, which announces the changes we have been talking about.

The European Union has become a sterile organization that, more than promoting development, has shown its weakest side since its founding and that is what the Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi already said on the occasion, "The European Union is exhausted and needs to take a step forward, even abolishing the rules of unanimous voting to make decisions within the organization. He even spoke of taking the step towards converting the EU into a Federated system, where countries put aside their cultural and legal autonomy, to make way to a supranational power that no people has elected.

Change is imminent and it is possible that the Visegrad Group will be the only one that survives in the face of the changes that are taking place in Europe.

The rebellion of the European peoples has apparently started in Spain.

Raul Alberto Diaz

Geopolitics of Europe

University of London

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