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TBT 1997 of the legend Johnny Cecotto,former World Champion.

Today we celebrate sport by recalling an interview with former motorcycle world champion, Johnny Cecotto, who has left a mark in motor sports worldwide.

Cecotto, as we affectionately call him, told us details of his career in this interview conducted in 1997.

Jhonny, son of Italian immigrants who arrived in his new mother country called Venezuela, during the harsh post-World War II period, he dedicated himself to motorcycling from a very young age.

Later in the 70's he showed his talent at the helm of his motorcycle and won 2 World Motorcycle Championships.

Later he became an F1 driver with the Theodore and Toleman team in 1983 and 1984.

Enjoy this TBT on RaulDiazTV!!

Cecotto in an interview with Raul Alberto Diaz year 1997

Johnny Cecotto in his youth

Johnny consecrated in Formula1

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