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In its attempt to stop Russia's response against Ukraine, the European Union took a leap into the void, the economic consequences of which have fallen on the people of Europe.

The European Union has tacitly recognized the mistake of trying to stop Russia, without a predefined energy plan, that would allow it to deal with the rebound of energy sanctions that hypothetically should have affected the Kremlin.

Faced with a historical conflict that culminated in 2014 when pro-Russian President Viktor Yanokovic was overthrown, presumably with the support of the West, the Brussels group decided to intervene in the brawl that began in February 2022, not only with economic aid and shipment of weapons, but through a list of sanctions that had the objective of economically and politically affecting the government of Vladimir Putin, isolating it from the rest of the European countries and the world.

However, the leap into the void that this measure has represented for Brussels is evident through several factors, the most important being the lack of energy autonomy.

Italy or France, for example, have decided to reactivate different methods to extract their own gas fields and modernize their nuclear facilities, in order to cover their corresponding energy deficits, while countries like Germany and the United Kingdom have decided at this point to skip the sanctions and indirectly buy Russian gas, regardless of whether this bypass or bridge economically affects the last link in the chain, that is, the citizens.

While the management of Ursula Vonder Leyen, is watering down due to the mistakes made in relation to the war between Russia and Ukraine and in the midst of the investigations of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, for suspicion of corruption in the granting of contracts and the quantity of vaccines purchased from the laboratories, in addition to investigating what relationship the husband of the boss of Brussels has in this whole plot, the citizens of the European conglomerate have risen up to protest in different countries due to the evident deterioration that society has suffered thanks to the bad decisions of an exhausted and broken European Union.

Fortunately for the population, winter has been delayed in some countries, a fact that has given respite to the citizens and to the governments themselves, which are hurriedly organizing measures to correct the leap into the void that the European Union has caused, when The region was just coming out of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Raul Alberto Diaz

Geopolitics of Europe

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