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Beyond environmental problems, the factors that make up the political farm and the factors of power are the element that dominates when implementing certain policies by the organisms that control the world.

The affirmation is based on the inexhaustible verification that scientists from all over the world have made, in relation to the responsibility of man in the vaunted issue of climate change.

It is already well known that the responsibility of the human being in this matter barely reaches 1 percent, in comparison with the cyclical changes that planet earth has had during its creation.

It is known to all that some regions such as Saudi Arabia, Russia or Venezuela, show the control they have over others in energy matters, and precisely that is the "Achilles heel of the EU", so it is urgent to execute the political changes and necessary to reduce the energy power of that group of nations.

Faced with this fact, recently Italy, and to the surprise of many, has said "NO" to the intention of the European Union to eliminate gasoline and diesel cars by the year 2035.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Antonio Trajani, in public statements he has stressed that the application of this project must be realistic, so imposing a date for the absolute elimination of cars for the aforementioned date is not feasible.

"We are all lovers of electric cars, but the simultaneity of both types of cars must remain for a while", highlighted the Italian foreign headline.

It should be remembered that Italy has the two most powerful car manufacturers in the world, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, which generate a significant income for the country, so a sharp closure of its production of fuel engines would represent another strong blow. , of the many that the Adriatic nation has received.

Italy is not attached to the idea of eliminating 100 percent fuel cars. Any change that is made, especially when seeking the well-being of society, must be done gradually so as not to make it traumatic. especially when studies have revealed details about the true causes of climate change.

In this sense, a manifesto presented by a conglomerate of more than 60 Italian scientists, made public the verification, about the responsibility of the human being around climate change, a fact that has been cyclical throughout the history of the earth. Link to the scientific manifesto:

Italy will present a counterproposal to the European Union, where it will present its position and request to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% in 2035 and not the 100% proposed by the European Parliament. In this way, manufacturers will have more room to adapt to electric cars, and above all to do so to lower consumption costs, but not as the only option to reduce the effect of climate change, even though it has little to do with the hand of the man.

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