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What's next for the UN?Equality between nations, citizens and Power Groups.

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The next step that the United Nations should take has to do with its restructuring, not from the point of view of an extension or continuation, but through the creation of a new organism that adapts to the requirements of the nations and their citizens of today and above all, with greater transparency through the established mechanisms.

Seeking to extend or give continuity to the current structure of the UN would be to turn on the same axis, which would basically offer the same result that we have had up to now.

Creating a new structure with a fresh Charter signed by 193 nations, with equal rights and duties, would be the evident proof of the equity that the organization has sought so much for a long time, speaking in terms of the newest protagonists, those nations looking up from deep within the list of member countries.

What formula to use to give balance and justice.

The hottest topic on the creation of another structure to replace the UN, would be the formula to start. Which countries would make up the first Directory of the new body? Who would play the most important role? Perhaps it would start with the current permanent members of the Security Council, establishing periods of 5 years.

Would they be selected by territorial size? or perhaps by population size? economic power? military power? or possibly it is the alphabetical order to rotate as has been done in some of the Commissions that currently make up the institution.

Whatever the formula chosen by the 193 nations, it must be an egalitarian mechanism, which does not distinguish between size, economic or military power, skin color, or gender, since in this way the much promulgated egalitarian laws would be applied from the beginning. which lately has been boasting.

To conclude, we must emphasize that the ultimate goal of this new institution, with a new Charter, fresh, free of historical commitments and updated where science and technology have a preponderant role, will be none other than to create equality between the nations that make up the United Nations Organization, but also strengthen the citizen role, against the threads of the macro powers that have subjected societies today. This would give greater transparency to the Institution, outside doors, even with the application of external audits.

However, beyond this, the new body will have the difficult mission of protecting the citizens of the world, based on Human Rights.

"Equality between nations will be the tool, and equality between citizens and power groups will be the goal to achieve the highest degree of peace and happiness possible"

Raul Alberto Diaz

Journalist Writer

Final presentation of the Global Diplomacy Specialization

from the University of London.

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