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Programa de las Pequeñas Ligas (Entrega de premios a pequeños deportistas) 

Raul Alberto Diaz

From 1996 to 2007, I designed and developed a campaign project that had 2 direct objectives, in 2 Zulia Television Channels.

In “ Deportes en Grande”  Program, which was the one that generated my first professional and economic fruits, speaking in terms of success, every day (Monday to Friday), I gave uninterrupted prizes to the participants in a daily contest in which I asked a question sports equipment and then at the end, through a lottery, the winner was selected, who went to the studio the next day to look for an article or sports equipment of his choice.

The participants were not only children and young people, but also organizations and sports clubs from the most humble places in the Zulia State, (where at that time the program had open coverage). By this I mean that children, young people and sports organizations from different segments of society received the healthy message transmitted through sports activities, and as a consequence the winners received individual sports articles, when applicable, or complete teams. of sports, soccer, volleyball, or baseball, when the winner was a sports organization.


This fact became a boom, since beyond keeping the youth mass of society occupied through the entertainment that sport gives, an effect produced by an open signal transmission was evidenced, relative to the growth in the practice of sports activity in the State of Zulia.

The positive impact on the society was what led to the Mayor of Maracaibo giving me the keys to the city with the Award: "Order of San Sebastian in its First Class". 


But beyond that, our Channel saw its tuning ratings increase exponentially, and the economic phenomenon did not wait, which produced a notorious success at the sales level in the channels where my television program was broadcast, producing great benefits with Sponsors.

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