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"Uberto Chronicles"
Stories of an immigrant told by a taxi driver.

Being a little more specific and speaking in geographical terms, this work shows us how, despite the problems described above, immigrants, especially Hispanics, have adapted to bad weather, and we have been experts in ingenuity_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to always get ahead. 


To carry out this social work, the story of one of many university professionals has been used as the axis, who due to the precarious conditions of his country of origin, necessarily had to go out into the world to evolve and help his family._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


And it is that this social research is the product of real facts of subsistence, as far as it can be concluded, that it has been used to show reality first-hand.


After having been a successful professional like so many, communism transformed the life of the protagonist  so he had to sit behind the wheel of a taxi in another country, seeing that it was a of the few legal activities to exercise, within a reduced range of possibilities.



This account brings us learning moments, pleasant moments, humorous and also emotional. It shows us that the human being by nature is good and that defense mechanisms have taught us to react in reverse. But it also brings us very dangerous circumstances that show us that to achieve the goals in life, courage is needed, even when we have to keep the work, studies and career of a lifetime in a glass case._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


Reading these real life stories is a provocation to reflection,   showing us to what extent we are capable of restarting our lives, and how attached we are to material things. It also shows us the strength and balance that must exist between the mind-spirit key to maintain balance in the face of the loss of everything we have done in life, speaking in material and even intellectual terms. It shows us that our intelligence is based on our ability to adapt to other environments.


It is a tribute to all Venezuelans and immigrants in general, who sooner than later and regardless of their academic preparation, will learn  life lessons, to be better than they ever were, correcting defects and working as a team to face the future, otherwise very uncertain in our days.


"Uberto Chronicles" is also a thank you to life for allowing technology to open doors for those who have the desire to progress and go above anything, always always paying homage to honesty.






In 2014, the protests against the Venezuelan dictatorship increased exponentially, and with the passing of days they became increasingly violent. This was the reason why many opponents of the drug regime, especially journalists and photojournalists, were forced to flee immediately, otherwise at least one trap would have touched us.


The experience lived, first internally in Venezuela and then as one more expatriate,  was a great opportunity to absorb knowledge, to face the challenges to which any citizen who becomes a immigrant and whose only objective is to give well-being to his family circle.


It is then that, in the midst of a storm, the idea of writing true stories is born, the same ones that immigrants or flesh and blood people live daily, protagonists that sometimes we do not see due to the same dynamics of our environment.


During this social experiment, I was able to meet any number of people, as well as endless incidents of daily life. I shared with people sick from drugs, I even had the honor of helping elderly people and believe me, few situations generate such a degree of satisfaction.


But the most important of all is that I had the opportunity to brighten the lives of several citizens with depression whose outcomes could have been very different, changing the end of the story just with a conversation. 


Anyone carrying out a service activity to the public can say that with their work they helped a client and they thanked him . However, in my personal case, I must admit that it is I who should thank those whom I had the pleasure of serving, for having made me rediscover the importance of being useful and helping others  and also for having made me grow as a individual, reaffirming the values of service and respect that I received in my first education, that of the home.

Raul Alberto Diaz 


In recent times, literally speaking, the world, in addition to being stunned, is in social and moral decomposition, but also at an economic and political level. 


Society is at the mercy of the worst political generations on a global level, of which there is a record. It is not about countries that are having problems due to the fact that there are economic problems, but rather that politicians are destroying the patrimony of citizens, brazenly using their personal well-being as an argument.


Currently, especially in America, there is a kind of collective madness, with some ideological equations, that alters life as we have known it until now. On the one hand, the left influencing and dividing minorities to alter the order in the nations of Central and South America and  on the other hand, the right, in most cases ineffective, creating an ecosystem without ideology, only adapted to the convenience of political groups, which has produced chaos everywhere you look.


The migratory movements of the populations of the American continent, specifically of the Venezuelan diaspora, are reaching 5 million citizens. And the worst thing is that this number is on the rise, in addition to other migratory movements from Asia or Africa to Europe, which have increased and are also generating disorder, more because of the mismanagement of governments and their lack of controls, than what it properly means the cultural mixture that generates this phenomenon.  The movements of people, not to call them trafficking, have literally become an industry of the underworld.

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