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    The Geopolitics of Europe is about to give the change expected by many experts. Beyond what the media shows, there is an exhausted and agitated society, which announces the changes we have been talking about. The European Union has become a sterile organization that, more than promoting development, has shown its weakest side since its founding and that is what the Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi already said on the occasion, "The European Union is exhausted and needs to take a step forward, even abolishing the rules of unanimous voting to make decisions within the organization. He even spoke of taking the step towards converting the EU into a Federated system, where countries put aside their cultural and legal autonomy, to make way to a supranational power that no people has elected. Change is imminent and it is possible that the Visegrad Group will be the only one that survives in the face of the changes that are taking place in Europe. The rebellion of the European peoples has apparently started in Spain. Raul Alberto Diaz Geopolitics of Europe University of London #Spain #europeanunion #groupofvisegrad #rebellion #geopoliticsofeuropa #universityoflondon #rauldiaztv #europa

  • Napoli on the verge of starting the party after 33 years.

    A point lost by Lazio this Wednesday and automatically the city of Naples will burst into early celebrations. Otherwise, with a draw on Thursday, the Neapolitans would win the Scudetto 22-23. The city has spared no preparations to celebrate in style, even the authorities have provided increased security throughout the week. The Napoli tifosi are known for their particular way of celebrating and even the legendary American Consulate in the city has issued a security alert on its official website for all U.S. citizens regarding the celebrations in the city. Mathematically Lazio would still have a chance of a playoff, but for that they would have to win everything they have left and for Napoli to lose all their matches, which is almost impossible. In any case, the whole of Italy is on alert due to the reputation of the Neapolitan fans for their style of partying. During our visit to the city of Naples we were able to witness the passion and preparations of the fans in the hope of winning this season's Scudetto. Good luck Napoli! Raul Alberto Diaz #napoli #udine #lazio #lazio #consuladodenapoles #scudetto #serieA #calcio #italia #soccer #usanelsud @usanelsud #rauldiaztv


    Lazio's "El Capitano" declared that the tram with which he collided swallowed the red light. The world of sport, and especially soccer, is in shock after the brutal car accident involving Italian soccer star Ciro Immobile, who this Sunday morning crashed his Land Rover into a Tram in the city of Rome. The incident occurred around 8 in the morning when the car of the Lazio striker and the National Team impacted against the public transport unit in the vicinity of the Roman Olympic Stadium. According to the latest reports, Immobile is stable, after information spreading about a probable spinal fracture. However, after the impact, the Capitano of Lazio was seen in a hurry taking his girls out of the Land Rover, which was destroyed in its front part. In total there are 7 injured people who were quickly taken to different hospitals in the city of Rome. Immobile was quickly transferred to the "Gemeli" Hospital, while his daughters were transferred to the Bambino Gesu hospital. According to the player's first statement, the Tram would have swallowed the red light, causing a strong crash and thanks to the fact that the player and his girls were traveling in a large and strong vehicle, it did not happen to majors. Any other scenario would have been much more serious. RaulDiazTV Agency


    JFK's heir nephew has a strange combination of academic preparation, political career and lineage. Finally, some good thing is happening inside the Democratic Party in the United States, all of which images are found destroyed by the scandals that have recently been burning mundial history in the light. Robert Kennedy jumps to the ballot and has signed up to opt for the candidacy for the presidency of the United States, for the democratic party, a man who has been worried about a wing of the partisan grouping that sees good eyes at the current reelection Chief Executive Officer Joe Biden. Without embargoing the inquiries and the reality that the North American nation lives, they believe that if the democrats have some option to win the vote of the electorate, this is with a different face and this is the sobrino of the historian John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a tip of the spear Robert Kennedy records his owner with a legitimate fight history in relation to the protection of the environment, launching to the market more than 10 books related to this theme. Since 1999 he has been the founder and leader of the environmental organization Waterkeeper Alliance, of which he is currently his president, he has promoted him to his work for society. Robert Kennedy is an extraneous mix of Politician with academic preparation, Politician with experience and rock popular y Politico Outsourcing, from the ideological point of view, preserving the American values and the autonomy of the action of which adolescent the mayorship of the politicians of office and cqrrera en la actualidad. The path to earning the candidacy will be very difficult, knowing that it currently occurs at a deep level in the politics of the United States, but without a doubt it is the best option for a nation that finds itself under ideological attack. Raul Alberto Diaz Journalist Writer Gob Micro Mastery. American Harvard University Diplomacy Global London University Geopolitics of Europa Sciences Po du Paris


    Rebellion against what is wrong, differentiates the leaders of the pack. THE PRICE OF NOT BELONGING TO THE ESTABLISHMENT In this article we will try to determine the course that a barge called society is taking, in the midst of enormous turbulence that is slowly making it sober. We must begin by describing a key piece of this equation and that is that we are talking about politicians. A career politician to understand it better, is formed through academic preparation, and subsequent training in practice. While a politician by trade learns the ins and outs of politics directly in practice, with the friction that years give and an appropriate level of charisma. However, there is a third type of politician and the facts have shown, almost unequivocally, that this type of politician called outsourcing (third type), develops better management in important positions within the politics of a nation, and it is that these days This statement is more than ever in evidence. Now to analyze what type of politician offers a better service to his country, we must enter "deep" waters to unravel the functioning of a country, when speaking in terms of globalization, or relations with international markets. Undoubtedly the perfect reference is at this time the United States of America. We must recognize that the world is interconnected and guided, to use a decent term; by power groups that control everything. We do not say practically everything, because it would be incorrect. "They control everything", so attending to this precision is extremely important to understand the gears of power. We are talking about Financial Groups or Private and Central Banks, Food Producer Groups, Vehicle Manufacturers, Communication Media, Technological Groups, even Groups that control "Mass Stream Media" and Social Networks, but mainly we are talking about Laboratories that create medical products, which have recently made a difference. And it is that to beat around the bush these days would be absurd after having lived since 2020, all the intricacies of a society in decline, in every way, facts that have slowly made us see reality. What is exposed in this article is so true, that the Negative Primates of real history in our days are found in Film productions on the order of the day, in different parts of the world, presenting the facts from all angles to let us know where they are going. come on. POLITICAL CLASS LINK THAT JOINS BOTH ENDS. We will try to define what the political class means. This represents for society, what for the human body is the "Microbiota", even when we know that this ecosystem is represented by bacteria and other biological elements, it is necessary for the balance of our organism. In the same way, politicians are necessary to fulfill the functions that should always favor society, but in practice it is absolutely the opposite. What we are currently seeing in the United States or El Salvador, for example, is the result of what happens when a political outsourcing breaks into the political life of a country, which does not belong to the Establishment and is not willing to be manipulated by the power groups mentioned at the beginning of this article. This phenomenon occurs when far from that, the politician decides to be the link that tips the balance in favor of a given society. The world is changing, and the trend continues to show that international organizations, such as the United Nations or the European Union, are going to transform or unfortunately they are going to disappear. These organs as they are known today are useless, sterile. The European Union, for example, only has one path and that is to take a step forward, as the former Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced at the time, who spoke of turning the EU into a Federated Government, eliminating the unanimity requirement that has prevailed in the organization, when it comes to making decisions. In the case of the United Nations, a renewal would be of little use, when the bases must be completely updated, especially with regard to the expansion of the Security Council, which remains static as in the days of its creation, almost 80 years ago, despite having almost quadrupled the number of members in the organization. It is interesting to know that the United States and El Salvador, from now on, will serve to calibrate where we are going as a society and how many possibilities we will have as a world population, compared to the Control Groups that dictate guidelines according to their own interests. Raúl Alberto Diaz Journalist Writer MicroMaster American Government Global Diplomacy Course Geopolitics of Europe Course


    Beyond environmental problems, the factors that make up the political farm and the factors of power are the element that dominates when implementing certain policies by the organisms that control the world. The affirmation is based on the inexhaustible verification that scientists from all over the world have made, in relation to the responsibility of man in the vaunted issue of climate change. It is already well known that the responsibility of the human being in this matter barely reaches 1 percent, in comparison with the cyclical changes that planet earth has had during its creation. It is known to all that some regions such as Saudi Arabia, Russia or Venezuela, show the control they have over others in energy matters, and precisely that is the "Achilles heel of the EU", so it is urgent to execute the political changes and necessary to reduce the energy power of that group of nations. Faced with this fact, recently Italy, and to the surprise of many, has said "NO" to the intention of the European Union to eliminate gasoline and diesel cars by the year 2035. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Antonio Trajani, in public statements he has stressed that the application of this project must be realistic, so imposing a date for the absolute elimination of cars for the aforementioned date is not feasible. "We are all lovers of electric cars, but the simultaneity of both types of cars must remain for a while", highlighted the Italian foreign headline. It should be remembered that Italy has the two most powerful car manufacturers in the world, such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, which generate a significant income for the country, so a sharp closure of its production of fuel engines would represent another strong blow. , of the many that the Adriatic nation has received. Italy is not attached to the idea of eliminating 100 percent fuel cars. Any change that is made, especially when seeking the well-being of society, must be done gradually so as not to make it traumatic. especially when studies have revealed details about the true causes of climate change. In this sense, a manifesto presented by a conglomerate of more than 60 Italian scientists, made public the verification, about the responsibility of the human being around climate change, a fact that has been cyclical throughout the history of the earth. Link to the scientific manifesto: Italy will present a counterproposal to the European Union, where it will present its position and request to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% in 2035 and not the 100% proposed by the European Parliament. In this way, manufacturers will have more room to adapt to electric cars, and above all to do so to lower consumption costs, but not as the only option to reduce the effect of climate change, even though it has little to do with the hand of the man. #climatechange #energy #politicalpower #economicpower


    INVESTIGATION This is the best news that has been released lately. A true lesson for the "Managers of the world". Indian farmers achieve record harvests WITHOUT USING GMOs!!!!! A total green revolution, without pesticides, GMOs or chemicals, came true two seasons ago and was achieved by Kumar, a young farmer from the Nalanda district of Bihar who is considered one of the poorest in India. He did it using only farm manure and without any herbicides. The unbelievable happened and he harvested 22.4 hectares of rice on a single hectare of land. This is a record never seen in the production of this staple food for half of the world's population. In addition, other farmers in the area are getting large crops of organically grown wheat and potatoes. The amount of rice obtained by Kumar surpassed the record of 19.4 tons achieved by the so-called "father of rice," Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping, by World Bank-funded scientists at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. , and managed to surpass any other achieved by large producers in Europe and America. But it was not only the young Sumant Kumar, his friends Krishna, Nitish, Sanjay and Bijay, in Darveshpura, also got 17 tons, and many other residents in the surrounding villages claimed to have gotten more than twice the usual harvest. . This happened two seasons ago and has not yet been overcome. But what was Kumar's secret to achieving such a harvest? I use old practices, one of them called SRI (System of Rice Intensification) developed by Enrique de Laulanié, a French Jesuit priest and agronomist in the mid-1980s in Madagascar that is currently being studied and disseminated by Cornell University. #agriculture #planting #india #health #transgenic


    On January 13, another anniversary of the death of the Latin American pilot of Venezuelan origin, Omar Contreras, was celebrated, who, flying over the El Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador, lost his life in 2011. In his eagerness to leave an indelible mark on world aeronautics, Contreras undertook one of his many adventures, to conquer the Andes Mountains, however, on that fateful trip he died, leaving a void in each of the aeronautical lovers that he loved. they admired. Omar dared to challenge the highest volcano in the world, even higher than Everest, if measured from the center of the earth. In short, an adventure only the size of the heart of the Venezuelan pilot. The following is a fragment of an interview that I did with Omar Contreras, which you can find in the link in the bio that leads to our YouTube channel. #ultralivianos #Venezuela #aeronautica #omarcontreras #aventura #cordilleradelosandes #elchimborazo #ecuador #deporte #aviacion #rauldiaztv


    * Different scandals move the information threads. However, the corruption that the "Twitter Files" are throwing about the recent history on American soil and the investigation for corruption that the European Prosecutor's Office follows Ursula Von der Leyen, have been extinguished by the media, with the very timely investigation on "Catargate" As if by magic, the authorities of the European Parliament have realized that some of its members have allegedly been receiving bribes and gifts from the Qatari authorities, to manage particular interests of the energy super nation. I would not be surprised by this fact, since the practice of the "Capture Agency" is well-known, in different parts of the world, and is so rooted in global political corruption, which is the instrument against which international organizations are fighting in an underhanded but effective way. . Now what is strange about this fact is that it occurs just at a time when the United States is unveiling a corruption network, which involves big names and leading representatives in the vaccine plot of the Covid-19. But beyond this "coincidence", what is now called "Catargate" has surpassed in centimeters and coverage of the "Main Stream Media", the corruption investigation that the European Prosecutor's Office follows the Number 1 of the European Union, Ursula Von der Leyen, who has been accused of corruption in terms of awarding contracts to the Pharmaceutical companies that create the Covid-19 vaccine and beyond, is being investigated for the purchase of an exorbitant amount of injections "against" Covid. As if that were not enough, she is also being investigated for her husband's relationship with the laboratories that were favored with the alleged contracts. Could this minor scandal cover up the plots of the investigations into the boss, Ursula Von der Leyen and the corruption that is emerging internationally thanks to the "Twitter files. Society is alert to any intention to hide the truth regarding the different corruption schemes worldwide. Raúl Alberto Diaz Journalist Writer Geopolitics of Europe American System of Government Global Diplomacy global justice #unioneuropea #ue #paramentoeuropeo #covid #laboratorios #corrupcion #catargate #diplomaciaglobal #justicia #moral #geopoliticadeeuropa


    In its attempt to stop Russia's response against Ukraine, the European Union took a leap into the void, the economic consequences of which have fallen on the people of Europe. The European Union has tacitly recognized the mistake of trying to stop Russia, without a predefined energy plan, that would allow it to deal with the rebound of energy sanctions that hypothetically should have affected the Kremlin. Faced with a historical conflict that culminated in 2014 when pro-Russian President Viktor Yanokovic was overthrown, presumably with the support of the West, the Brussels group decided to intervene in the brawl that began in February 2022, not only with economic aid and shipment of weapons, but through a list of sanctions that had the objective of economically and politically affecting the government of Vladimir Putin, isolating it from the rest of the European countries and the world. However, the leap into the void that this measure has represented for Brussels is evident through several factors, the most important being the lack of energy autonomy. Italy or France, for example, have decided to reactivate different methods to extract their own gas fields and modernize their nuclear facilities, in order to cover their corresponding energy deficits, while countries like Germany and the United Kingdom have decided at this point to skip the sanctions and indirectly buy Russian gas, regardless of whether this bypass or bridge economically affects the last link in the chain, that is, the citizens. While the management of Ursula Vonder Leyen, is watering down due to the mistakes made in relation to the war between Russia and Ukraine and in the midst of the investigations of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, for suspicion of corruption in the granting of contracts and the quantity of vaccines purchased from the laboratories, in addition to investigating what relationship the husband of the boss of Brussels has in this whole plot, the citizens of the European conglomerate have risen up to protest in different countries due to the evident deterioration that society has suffered thanks to the bad decisions of an exhausted and broken European Union. Fortunately for the population, winter has been delayed in some countries, a fact that has given respite to the citizens and to the governments themselves, which are hurriedly organizing measures to correct the leap into the void that the European Union has caused, when The region was just coming out of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Raul Alberto Diaz Geopolitics of Europe

  • What is poverty?: Material lack or spiritual lack?

    First we have to define what poverty is and then understand what differences, advantages or disadvantages they create in individual terms. First we have to define what poverty is and then understand what differences, advantages or disadvantages they create in individual terms. The concept of poverty has been used by many theorists, philosophers and thinkers, but above all by politicians, who have distorted the term by linking it to money, as the only expression of its lack, or of the material goods that someone could acquire. through this. But it is that poverty goes much further, and we can speak in mental, emotional, or physical terms and for this we must refer to childhood where the character of an individual is molded, where values ​​are based, such as honor, honesty, moral, education at home, good customs and above all love expressed through protection. To agree or disagree with philosophers, theorists or thinkers (let's not include politicians who only use the word poverty to manipulate human beings according to their ends) we must understand that the equality that John Rawls speaks of, for example, is not only monetary, material or class. Equality or inequality is connected to patterns that often have nothing to do with the material. For many money is wealth, but for others wealth is love. Who has money and does not have love, is poor in feelings and is often at a disadvantage, but this side of the coin is not seen or analyzed by those who fight for equality. A son of a high-ranking businessman who travels constantly and whose mother is a fashion designer and never shares with him, will grow up alone, with fear and uncertainty simply because he has not received the love that gives him self-confidence. He has money but he doesn't have the love and protection of his parents. Does he have advantages or disadvantages? Steve Jobs, for example, died saying that he had all the money in the world to hire, rent or buy (Job's own anecdotal words) any nurse or person who would take care of him, but unfortunately he did not have time, he was healthy. He was in poor health and those privileges that we are talking about today as we debate Rawls's theory, were of no use to him. Jobs, with all his money, he had no advantage over me, for example, that he may not have the money, but I have the love, health and home education necessary to achieve what he proposes to me. conclusion What are we talking about? What is the position we should adopt in the face of this dilemma? Because let's see, I should be at a disadvantage compared to my classmates, if I want to seek a high grade, since English is not my mother tongue, and that is why I must feel self-conscious. Well, it's not like that. I don't feel disadvantaged. Should we bother because providence endowed Michael Jordan with a talent? Perhaps to do justice and create equality as Rawls says, should we put iron balls on Jordan's ankles to create a hypothetical equality? Or even less put springs in the feet of the new generations, so that they catch up with Jordan's talent and thus there is no inequality? What is is. All human beings have a talent, the work and effort will be in discovering and developing it. (Meritocracy) “Economic constraints should not be confused with poverty, doing so is wrong. Human beings are not the same and we will never have the same levels of spiritual or material wealth.” Essay Raul Alberto Diaz Justice Course Harvard University Online. October 11, 2022

  • TBT 1997 of the legend Johnny Cecotto,former World Champion.

    Today we celebrate sport by recalling an interview with former motorcycle world champion, Johnny Cecotto, who has left a mark in motor sports worldwide. Cecotto, as we affectionately call him, told us details of his career in this interview conducted in 1997. Jhonny, son of Italian immigrants who arrived in his new mother country called Venezuela, during the harsh post-World War II period, he dedicated himself to motorcycling from a very young age. Later in the 70's he showed his talent at the helm of his motorcycle and won 2 World Motorcycle Championships. Later he became an F1 driver with the Theodore and Toleman team in 1983 and 1984. Enjoy this TBT on RaulDiazTV!! Cecotto in an interview with Raul Alberto Diaz year 1997 Johnny Cecotto in his youth Johnny consecrated in Formula1

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