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Raul Diaz en el Stadium de Boston
Raul Diaz en el Estudio de Orlando
Mariela Di Martino Productora
Daniel Diaz con nuestro CEO
Raul Diaz desde el Estadio de Parma
Raul Diaz en Atlanta Estudios de CNN
Reportaje en la Prensa de Parma

Raul Alberto Diaz is the Founder and CEO of RaulDiazTV®


With more than 20 years in the Television world, our Director Raul Diaz is one of the best Journalists in Latin American. He has worked around the world in 3 Languages, English, Italian and Spanish, in his long carrier like Journalist. Source Wikipedia.


Our team is also integrated by MARIELA DI MARTINO, Production Assistant and Administrator. She is capable of handling that two roles with amazing efficiency.

We have in our team the best Field Director and Cameramen in Latin America. DANIEL DIAZ is responsible for our international activities. 

The process for selecting our team has been the most difficult step in our successes. We should have combine professional and personal elements , to find the best of each one, and in this way reach the perfection in our goals.

Our team is a family that have had together for more than 20 years, and neither the time or distance has separated this group. The basis of the relation between the player, have been the honesty, the discipline and sense of belonging

Its important to say that our experience has been related to the TV Production (Broadcast) Sport segment, and that is why we can do everything in Video, because there is no more difficult thing that produces video for the sports.


* News Productions * Television Correspondent  * TV and Radio Program Production * Reports * Interviews * Social Events * Photo sessions * Voice Over and Talent * Subtitles to video material. * Web Sites Constructions  * TV Commercials Productions * Multimedia Commercials Productions  * Music VideoClips  * Video Edition

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