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RaulDiazTV ®   Personal Brand


Due to the exponential increase in the Hispanic population in the United States, an increase in the number of communicational works, called written or audiovisual pieces staged in the media, is necessary.

RaulDiazTV's mission as a Personal Brand is to fill the Spanish-speaking media in the United States with well-structured communication pieces, with positive messages and that adjust to the new reality of society.

These creations will be productions for television, radio, press and Multimedia platforms, to contribute to the social development of the Hispanic population deserving of high-level communicational creations, both in quality and quantity.

Articles, photographs, reports, documentaries, audiovisual productions, Podcast for Television, Podcast for Radio, content material creation services and audiovisual production, are just some of the offers that this Personal Brand makes to society, especially to the lover segment. of sports activity.



The goal is to ensure that in a period of approximately  5 years, the Brand Personal RaulDiazTV, has firmly established an activity based on Audiovisual Production, for media such as Radio, Television and multimedia, aimed at a segment market, speaking in terms of private clients and the media, who need high-profile works in Spanish, a language that is growing exponentially in the United States, especially in the State of Florida.


For this, and from this moment, there are a series of instruments that go from the experience of more than 30 years in the audiovisual production sector, in addition to a treasure made up of a digital video library with more than 2TB of videos that cover a large part from his long journalistic career, to the talent of the main figure of the Personal Brand, which he has developed in different areas of communication.  


Likewise, RaulDiazTV has high-end audiovisual production physical equipment and a software package, elements that in combination will create video and audio pieces that will impact the audience and the commercial segment in the State of Florida.

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