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Cuba was emerging as the seed of discord


Having a vertical position in the midst of the disaster that occurred in Venezuela, originally, and later expanded to the American territory, is very difficult, because it is an issue where political, economic and criminal elements converge, but also these are intermingled with the ideological factor, that is, at the highest level of similarity with the plots of Alfred Hitchkock. Even more, surpassing any imaginative line of the world-renowned master of suspense.

However, we could take a definite position if each of us allows ourselves to be guided by home education, the good one, the one that contains a high sense of morals and values, and is colored by the honesty of those who taught it to us. There will be cases antagonistic to this rapporteur in which the main elements in the formation of a citizen were absolutely absent, and in that case the opposite sidewalk would be the ideal one for those who do not agree with these letters.

To summarize this tragedy turned into a show by the masters of confusion, we must note that the origin of what is happening has been announced for some time. Experts in ideological analysis, espionage situations and historians, who in their eagerness to avoid the mistakes that lead us to repeat catastrophes, did their best effort denouncing what was coming, in the face of the omission intentional of the great mass media, already stung by the mapanare of evil.


Only the social networks remained which, although they have enormous penetration, were contaminated by evil groups and platforms that have known badly to put the facts with the well-known fakenews", creating and sowing doubt in those who did receive the home education morals and values, with which I opened this window of ideas. 

In some of these social networks the respective tests were presented, and one or another Writer journalist, among whom is this server, we have captured works to try to present to the masses the summary of the facts and the consequences that this fragment of history bring. But was insufficient in the face of power of economic and religious institutions and in the face of multi-millionaire criminals. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The merger of criminal gangs including drug trafficking clans, world terrorism, and ideological groups, all around outlaw governments and criminal governments, who take advantage of the troubled river to satisfy their financial instincts, has been the perfect formula to unbalance the world society.

One of the most serious consequences is the security of the American continent, in the presence of terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah, the advance of communism, the growing Venezuelan diaspora and all the disaster that this causes to the nations of the hemisphere. Despite everything, Russia does not want to go back in terms of its advances, not ideological because we know that today, more capitalist than Russia, only China is. It is known that Moscow's primary interest is conquest in terms of territory and economic factors.

Faced with this fact and as a result of the inefficiency of the control organizations and international laws, who, it is not that their hands are tied, but that they have simply been bought in the best gangster style to stay out of the facts. Otherwise, and I refer to the evidence, the Palermo convention would have already been activated, whose regulations allowed dictator Nicolas Maduro to be tried and blamed, with 18 years in prison. As in fact, a conviction has already been sentenced.

We are about to witness a global confrontation thanks to the banditry of a nation like Cuba, whose reason for existence since Fidel Castro  overthrew Fulgencio Batista, was to conquer by good or bad to Venezuela, and he succeeded, despite the deaths that this conquest caused.

The economic and logistical interests of Russia, plus the security and geopolitical interests of the United States, are leading the situation towards a war of global proportions.

It is true that the US will have a high cost to exterminate the invaders of America, and it is also true that it has the support of 95 percent of the nations of the continent. But at this point the cost will be higher if you don't act immediately to stop the ghosts that haunt the hemisphere and the world.

Raul Alberto Diaz

Global Journalist

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