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This "serum"   is not the   solution

An Island in the Caribbean proves it all
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After extensive scientific research carried out by different organizations, made up of today's most renowned doctors, they have concluded that the misnamed anticovid vaccine has not solved any of the problems for which it is being developed.


Beyond its purpose, what it has served is to increase cases of contagion, in addition to the increase in the reported volume of adverse reactions, or side effects, which have been reported to the competent authorities, which have also denied compensation to victims when they have legally requested compensation for damages.


However, those aspects that I have mentioned, correspond to the scientific and the legal, a dance between 2 that will last for a long time judging by the winds that blow.


What concerns us in this writing piece is the analysis and statistical verification of the effectiveness of the so-called vaccine, and I repeat it, so-called vaccine, not to mention experimental serum so as not to hurt susceptibilities. And for this, what better than to give as an example an island in the sea shared by two nations, as is the case of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, whose populations are similar in number. While the Dominican Republic has 10 million 535 thousand inhabitants, Haiti has 11 million 402 thousand citizens.


Curiously, Haiti, the poorest country in the American continent and one of the poorest in the world, incredibly today is unharmed in relation to Covid-19. And it is that there are no arguments that refute the statistics, public for others and available to any citizen who wants it.


On the contrary, his partner from the Dominican Republic Island, with greater economic potential, has 5 times more deaths from covid-19 (4,251 deaths) and incredible multiplies by 7 (425 thousand) the cases of contagion from Haiti.  


Infographics are visible and within reach on Google.



The culmination of this comparative history is placed by the percentages of vaccinated between both countries of that same island, where Haiti only reaches 0.17% of vaccinated with double schedule, while the Dominican Republic has 45.06% with double dose. This is a comparison that leaves no doubt that something is not right and that history will reveal to us what the true intention of the injection is.

To conclude, it is important to emphasize that Science, Law, Politics, journalism and, especially, Statistics Applied to Communication, are supposed to be independent areas, but the power structures have been in charge of monolithically unifying these sectors. to create the mafias that dominate society today.


Today more than ever it is clear why these sectors have always had to be separated, but unfortunately it stopped being that way a long time ago.   Draw your conclusions.

Raul Alberto Diaz


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