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The second conquest of America

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With the consolidation of political generations and governments based on dictatorial regimes in the Latin American area, sociopolitical behaviors have been developed on the part of the ruling class, whose impunity generates an enormous danger, and this is none other than that related to debauchery of the power that could go viral, to use a very fashionable term at digital levels. The Venezuela case would be the trigger for other regimes in the area to choose to dominate their populations through the use of force, in some cases lethal, to sustain their franchises of evil, leaving the decalogue of democracy in oblivion.

The inaction of organizations such as the UN or the International Criminal Court, for example, where apparently there are bartering in the best medieval style, and which consist of exchanging favors for spices, shows that economic power is no longer hidden to show its jaws impregnated with the fetid odor of interest and power, to the point of breaking nations to acquire them cheaply, and then letting them evolve and generate coarse sums of money.

However, the line on this issue that concerns us is the one related to the risk of absolute anarchy that could break out from one moment to another.

Let's do this exercise and imagine that Venezuela continues on this same wave "killing" its population of hunger, thirst and decline in the face of diseases that were even supposed to be eradicated. No electricity and no communications.

But then, before the diaspora unleashed throughout South America, let's calculate that the basic services of the countries in the area begin to collapse and the hemisphere begins to heat up.  Countries like Bolivia and Nicaragua or Mexico belonging to the flourishing communist industry, franchised impeccably by  "Castro&co", start an escalation with the same script-franchise of the communism, and other massacres with hundreds of deaths are unleashed, as is indeed beginning to be seen.

At this point, we can return from the imaginative exercise, and we could conclude that this vision is closer than is believed, but the problem lies not only in that fact, but in the consequences that would be none other than the expansion of empires like the Russian for example, in American territory. And not to mention the certain and highly percentage possibility of the terrorist escalation of the Middle East in our beautiful America.

The Government of the United States, together with that of Canada and those of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia, should begin to resolve, otherwise the entire America will be exposed to a second conquest by foreign empires.
Raul Alberto Diaz.
Global Journalist 

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