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Venezuela has an option to avoid a world conflict

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It is a fact that the United States of America will not allow Venezuela to be a springboard for the world terrorist organizations that are currently carrying out activities in that country. With this unique reality we begin our analysis around the probabilities of the outbreak of a multinational warlike confrontation, whose main objective would be the defense of the American territory, a concept that is well defined in the Monroe Doctrine, but beyond that is the raison d'être of the dusty agreement deposited in the drawers of the Organization of American States and which is called the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, known by its acronym in Spanish as TIAR.

When the mental destruction apparatus, better known as G2, began its campaign to discredit President (E) of Venezuela Juan Guaido, it did so with the firm belief that this was the only option for the invading forces to remain in power. However, and after the fierce attempt to smear it has been subjected to, it has increased its popularity, not measured in polls, but on the street as a measurement mat.

At this point and after even preventing the arrival of the President to his street meetings with the mass of the people, there is no doubt that in order to avoid a third multinational world conflict, the sons of Bolivar must remain on the streets indefinitely from this first of May, until overthrowing what remains of the dictatorial system, commanded from the upper echelons of the Cuban dictatorship.

This conclusion is drawn from the moment in which nations from other geopolitical areas such as Russia and Iran have decided to initiate the incursion of troops with the supposed purpose of defending the Government of Nicolas Maduro, also knowing that this gesture is not caused by any courtesy Rather, it is due to economic interests, which go beyond what is known, such as information about the delivery of energy resources in their entirety to Russia, in exchange for maintaining the dictatorship in power.

The game of world chess is in its most exacerbated moment, with the forces of evil moving the floor in Libya. The outbreak of violence in Libya, just at the time of the imminent fall of the Maduro regime, causes great suspicion. The international terrorist gangs headed by Castroism are clear that losing Venezuela would mean the extinction of the communist project in America, and probably in the world. 

Without the energy source that Venezuela means, with Oil, Uranium, Coltan and Thorium, in addition to the riches of Gold and diamonds, to finance their projects in the world, the plans would collapse. This is why they prefer to break out a multinational war conflict than to drop the queen from their chessboard.

To the people of Venezuela, even with the disbelief of many hopeless, history has given a mission that will never be forgotten, and it is none other than to expel the Cuban and international invasion of Venezuela and recover the tranquility of America, as in its time our great liberators did it.

Raul Alberto Diaz

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