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Some time ago my body was strong and agile and without the ailments that we all have at this point in the game.

When I was an active military man I could shoot an FN30 rifle, right handed since I'm left handed. This type of weapon had to be struck in this way to avoid losing an eye with the cartridges ejected by that legend among the weapons, which was assigned to us and which used to be used to defend the work of Bolivar. 
I could also trot for miles or drag myself nose to the ground on the slopes of Cerro el gato, to avoid the tear gas that was thrown at us at close range, to toughen our spirits against any "invading" attack.

And it is that being practically a child, having selected military training as a phase to become a man, I could never imagine how much crying was hidden in the eyes of my mother and loved ones. As of today I still cannot calculate how much pain there is in a Venezuelan mother seeing that the reason for their lives is being exterminated both physically and spiritually, that inability to calculate is perhaps the product of a mental block due to the helplessness that It generates not having the way to appease so much pain.

This frustration increases when in flashes a wealth of memories comes to my mind, of events that later became the misfortune that my country is experiencing today and I properly say this because when you used to be a military man you were twice Venezuelan. One out of personal feeling and the other out of a sense of protection towards your loved ones. 

But it is that at my 17 years I did not know how to read those messages that passed in front of me. They were like invisible. Suspicion in a 17-year-old from eighties Venezuela was not exactly something usual.

Venezuela is at the breaking point or the perpetuity of a destructive system that has earned all the negative epithets that human language could have, and this moment cannot be wasted by our compatriots who, from any corner of Venezuela or the world "We" have to add fuel to the fire until what needs to be burned catches fire.

From the military of honor, who I am sure are inside the barracks and who dream of a better future for their families, to the young people, the people in general, and very especially to those contemptuously called "keyboard warriors", to whom we owe their modest "contribution" to the abstentionist campaign that today has us at the breaking point. 

Special mention deserves those of us who in other languages have shouted in universities, conferences, television channels and forums what is happening in Venezuela, because incredibly many of those scenarios were unaware of the holocaust that occurred in the America of the new century. 


One of my journalism professors, after a comment I made against the old foxes of politics, suggested that if I saw my comments against "elections", then I should be willing to take a gun and go ahead.

I want in this message to let you know with the greatest respect and appreciation in the world, because perhaps you don't know, that I already picked up the rifle in my time and it was to defend my family and my people.

Now like many Venezuelans, we have had to go out into the streets, marches and votes that sucks, but since I'm not an asshole, along the way I realized a long time ago that we were invaded by foreign mercenaries, who controlled the voting system, a corroborated issue by Smartmatic itself.

Today I have condensed my contribution into some memoirs, which brandishing my pen as I used to do with the ballon of my FN30 rifle, I have written in a novel called #INVASIONSILENCIOSA alerting the world about what happened in Venezuela, a historical fact that could happen in any other country. 
Note that before an invasion there are no valid elections. 

To close, even though because of the length of this message and given how little Venezuelans like to read, I want to tell you that this war that Venezuela has waged has long since passed to the economic plane. There are transnational power groups whose implication is so great that they are preventing the fall of the dictatorship of Venezuela and the southern cone, because this problem is not exclusive to Venezuela. Trillions of dollars, lost prestige and fear of justice are on the table.

However, the people of Venezuela have liberating blood and we are on the verge of a worldwide historical event.
God, country and family. 

Raul Alberto Diaz

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