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Napoli on the verge of starting the party after 33 years.

A point lost by Lazio this Wednesday and automatically the city of Naples will burst into early celebrations. Otherwise, with a draw on Thursday, the Neapolitans would win the Scudetto 22-23.

The city has spared no preparations to celebrate in style, even the authorities have provided increased security throughout the week.

The Napoli tifosi are known for their particular way of celebrating and even the legendary American Consulate in the city has issued a security alert on its official website for all U.S. citizens regarding the celebrations in the city.

Mathematically Lazio would still have a chance of a playoff, but for that they would have to win everything they have left and for Napoli to lose all their matches, which is almost impossible.

In any case, the whole of Italy is on alert due to the reputation of the Neapolitan fans for their style of partying.

During our visit to the city of Naples we were able to witness the passion and preparations of the fans in the hope of winning this season's Scudetto.

Good luck Napoli!

Raul Alberto Diaz

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